Sunday, March 31, 2024

April First - a post in two parts

Happy April Fools Day! I have decided that I will indeed post every picture from our California trip, no matter how bad. ;-) (I also found some extra pictures that may be good candidates for a future post.) I'm going to end this post with some more Kennywood memories, so feel free to read what you want! 

Let's start out with this high-quality picture of the Timber Mountain Log Ride:Next is this slightly dark image of the Primeval World Diorama. If you squint, you may be able to make out the brontasauruses (seriously).

I have no clue how I skipped over this picture-perfect image on the Disneyland Railroad when I went through all my pictures the first time. But here it is in all its glory for you to enjoy:
While taking pictures of the Three Fences, I noticed a submarine on the prowl through the trees on the right, and I had to grab a picture. Compared to the other pictures, this one is only 95% bad!
Most of my Haunted Mansion pictures are feasts for the eyes. Take this example of Madame Leota:
I think I am the happiest person to ever get his picture taken with an Adventureland trash can.
I might just be the no. 1 Haunted Mansion photographer of all time.
Sometimes, you just want to get on Big Thunder Mountain so bad that you have to use your ninja skills to summon the train. Or something.
My dad took this picture because he was fascinated by this old tree, and it is pretty cool!
What did I take a picture of this pot of stew on the Columbia? Because it was rad.
My picture of Max, Buff, and Melvin in Winnie the Pooh didn't turn out too great, but at least I got the shot.
And to end, here's a picture that's not bad by itself, but since you may have seen a similar angle millions of times before, I'll just leave it here. The Mark Twain.


Here are some more Kennywood memories to finish out this post because I didn't include everything in "part 1" two months ago, and I enjoy typing this stuff out!

The kiddie Ferris wheel is one ride that many people dread operating, but I didn't mind it on the couple of occasions I operated the ride. Even though you have to crouch to help kids buckle their seatbelts, the task of balancing the wheel keeps things interesting, and it's funny seeing kids whirl around in the cage-like cars.

For Kennywood's Halloween event, the park's midways are covered with a thick blanket of fog. This photo is looking across the lagoon for the Pittsburg Plunge with the Phantom's Revenge and SwingShot in the background.

In the summer, the lagoon is covered with fountains, and it's one of my favorite spots in the park. 
This picture shows a large reason why the Racer is my all-time favorite ride: I love the design of its station from 1927. They don't build coaster stations like this anymore!
My favorite spiel at this ride would be "When I say 'race,' you say 'er!'" So everyone would sound clueless saying "errrrrrr...." as the train dropped out of the station.
The ride in the foreground is the "Pittsburg Plunge," (old spelling of Pittsburgh), and it was one of the first rides I operated. Since it's a typical shoot-the-chute ride where you get drenched, the majority of riders were overly excited pre-teens, and there were a lot of shenanigans. Every time you told the riders to "exit to the right," they would without fail jump out to the left and look around like they were completely confused. 
At my orientation in early 2022, we had to sit through a three-hour-long PowerPoint presentation that relied heavily on 2000s-era clip art. One slide had a picture of a military tank representing no weapons, and the presenter told us, "Don't bring your tank to work." No one laughed. 
Here's a snow-covered Jack Rabbit, which is set in one of the park's ravines. Opened in 1920, the Jack Rabbit is the oldest ride operating at Kennywood. I hope you enjoyed this off-kilter post!


Budblade said...

Leave no stone unturned, and no picture unposted…..or, something like that.

Thanks for sharing the unusual views!

Andrew said...

Budblade, I'm glad you liked this admittedly stupid post! Happy April Fools!

JB said...

Oooh! Ahhh! You obviously saved the best for last! Very artistic! I think the Primeval World pic is my favorite... so much detail!

I notice that you're wearing a Knott's t-shirt next to the Adventureland trashcan... I'm surprised they let you into the Park! I can hear the security guys now, "This kid's gonna end up in the Churro Mines for sure!"

The motion blur in the Big Thunder photo really adds to the excitement! ;-P

I actually do like the picture of the old tree; really interesting how the bark is peeling away.

And that's a pretty cool photo of the Columbia galley. I don't think we've seen that stove before.

Of course, the nighttime photos of Kennywood are great! Amusement parks really look magical at night.

Thanks for the wry presentation, Andrew.

TokyoMagic! said...

Happy Belated April Fool's Day, Andrew!

Funny....I took a similar photo of the Primeval World brontosauruses, during a childhood visit to the park. I was hoping it would turn out, even though I didn't have a flash cube for my camera. I posted that black photo during one of my "Vintage Trip Report" posts, and it wasn't even April Fool's Day! :-)

I like your (accidental?) pic taken from the train. That road is a familiar site for me, from the days of being in the park's Christmas parade. We would stand there, waiting for our cue to step off onto the parade route through that gate. We would have to be in full costume at that point, because the guests in the park could see us through the open gate.....not to mention the guests riding the train!

I love the fact that you wore a Knott's shirt to DL. I hope when people asked you about it, you told them that was THE ORIGINAL "Splash Mountain" and that Disney just copied another park's idea.

I also love those old (birch?) trees on either side of the "Mickey Mouse Flowers." At least, I hope the one on the other side is still there. I also hope that Disney doesn't have any plans for removing them. They did replace the trees that were down at ground level, just inside the main gate. One of those trees would be just out of the frame of your pic (to the left).

There's a publicity photo of Walt Disney, standing next to that "pot of stew." He's even holding a large spoon or ladle. The photo was included in the book, "Disneyland - The First Quarter Century", and I believe it was taken at the time that the "Below Decks" of the Columbia opened to the public.

That's great that you were able to capture Max, Melvin, and Buff. It's very difficult to get a good pic of them up there on that wall behind you, and as the vehicle is moving! I've always wondered if those were one of the sets of the animatronic versions from the attraction, or the nearly identical, but static versions from the former "Mile Long Bar." I'm still waiting for an answer, but maybe that information is lost to time, now.

I am really hoping that the speed on that kiddie Ferris wheel can be cranked up so high, that it turns it into a "kiddie Enterprise" ride. ;-)

That's a cool night pic of the Racer's station. I can almost sense the ghosts of riders from the past 97 years! I guess we could call them "Ghost Riders." ;-)

Thanks for the additional CA and Kennywood pics, Andrew!

Andrew said...

JB, Knott’s and Disneyland have always been friendly neighbors, at least I think so! But still, churro mines for me. I’m pretty sure those trees have been there since around when the park opened. Kennywood is great at night, unfortunately they often close just as it’s getting dark. Thanks for the comment!

Andrew said...

TokyoMagic!, I bet that many other people have had the same experience as you and me with photographing the diorama or any dark ride! Wow, that’s really cool how you had to wait along that road many years ago when you were in the Christmas parade. I guess that has always been the parade staging area!

I can’t remember anyone asking me about the Knott’s shirt while at the park, but I’ve gotten comments on it elsewhere, and I always tell them what a great ride it is! When we visited, both trees were still there. Hopefully they don’t see a reason to remove them, as long as they’re not affecting any pipes or pavement. The “below decks” area really seems like one of the few untouched things we have just because Walt wanted it. It’s only natural that he would have his photo taken with the stew!

That’s a good question about the CBJ heads. I didn’t realize that Anaheim’s Mile Long Bar heads were static, because I think the WDW ones were animatronics. I’m guessing the static ones were lighter, so maybe it would have been easier to hang them up in Winnie the Pooh?

Oh my gosh, I had a dream about the kiddie Ferris wheel running so fast that the cars inverted at the top (just like an Enterprise) a few months ago! My amusement park dreams are weird. “Ghost Riders” sounds like a great name for a coaster! ;-) I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

K. Martinez said...

A week late and a dollar short for your April Fool's day post.

The Racer pics and snow-covered Jack Rabbit pic are wonderful!

I've always loved the color of the Racer structure.

You did a beautiful job on the Kennywood pics.

Thanks, Andrew!

P.S. Great pic of you in Adventureland. Love your Calico Log Ride poster shirt.

Andrew said...

K. Martinez, never too late. :-) I'm glad you could appreciate the Kennywood pics. They were in the process of repainting the entire Racer structure when I took that picture, and it is a major difference from how it had looked for the past few years. Hopefully the Racer and Jack Rabbit stay the same for years to come!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Andrew, I LOVE this post! What a riot!

I truly DO see two brontosauri - one on the left and one on the right. If there are more than two, they're hidden in the murkiness.

Happiest you and the happiest trash can - together in one terrific shot.

I'm laughing at these fun pictures....I hope you have LOTS more.

Your Kennywood pictures are great. I'm glad you'll be there for another season, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks, Andrew!

Andrew said...

Sue, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was wondering if anyone would see the brontosauruses! You get a star for that. :)

I guess you mean it when you say you enjoy every single picture! I will definitely share more in the future.

Major Pepperidge said...

Great stuff, Andrew! I actually like that first photo, it shows stuff you usually don’t see. The Disneyland RR pic is amazing because I have been on that ride dozens of times and don’t recall an area that looks like that.

I have worse pictures of Madam Leota, so yours is not too bad! And I love that girl looking at you as you are having your photo taken with a trashcan. “What the…?”.

Your Dad’s picture of the old tree isn’t bad. And the “below decks” Columbia pic isn’t bad either, I still have never been down there (it was closed to guests during my last visit).

Cool that you got Max, Buff, and Melvin, I’ve tried to see them during the few times I’ve been on the Pooh ride, but I guess I’m not sure where to look. Is the “BLAM” picture from the “Alice” ride?

The Kennywood photos are nice, I see so much Disneyland that anything different is welcome.

I didn’t know there was an old spelling of Pittsburgh, though you’d think that if anything they would drop that last “h” today for the sake of brevity. And I would definitely be one of those people who would confuse “right” and “left”!

I hope the Jack Rabbit continues to operate for many more decades.

Andrew said...

Major, I'm glad you could appreciate the unusual views! I guess you don't see the parade gate on the railroad unless you look back? Haha, I didn't even notice the girl looking at the camera! Probably very jealous.

I can't believe you haven't been in the below decks area of the Columbia. I figured you had explored every corner of the park at some point!

I think that Max, Buff, and Melvin are right after the Heffalumps and Woozles scene in Winnie the Pooh. The "blam" sign is in Mr. Toad.

Government wanted to standardize every place named Pittsburgh across the country in the early 1900s, so they decided on "Pittsburg" for whatever reason. Pittsburghers are known for not being too receptive to change, so it didn't last long. As long as you don't confuse right and left when you're giving directions to a surgeon, you should be ok I think! Thanks for the comment!