Monday, July 15, 2019

More Tuscora Park

 Let's take a walk into Tuscora Park and check out some of the things I didn't cover in my first post on the place!
This kiddie coaster is the only roller coaster at the park. Since I'm under 18, I was able to take a ride. Extremely thrilling, to say the least.
You can see some of those jarring 80-feet vertical drops in the background of this shot.
 There's also a miniature train. It makes two loops around the park's mini-golf course and has a distinctive diesel-sounding horn.
In addition, Tuscora has some old-looking kiddie rides as well as this classic Ferris Wheel from 1943. I'd never seen anything quite like it before! It's "cable-driven" - the cables exit the wheel for a bit, wind around the motor, and then reconnect to the structure.


K. Martinez said...

That's a cool looking Ferris Wheel. I operated the Eli-16 Ferris Wheel at the Boardwalk and it was "cable-driven" so I totally understand the concept you're describing.

Love the miniature train. Anytime I see a miniature train in operation I have to ride it. Thanks, Andrew.

Melissa said...

I like how the last picture is framed by an American flag at far left and a man in an American flag shirt at far right.

TokyoMagic! said...

Who doesn't love a miniature train? Or any train, for that matter!

The very first roller coaster that I ever experienced, was a kiddie coaster with a very similar layout. It was located at a temporary/traveling carnival.

And the first Ferris Wheel that I ever rode, was very similar to the one in your pictures, with the little enclosed gondolas. That was at a little kiddie amusement park, which was located near our house when I was only 3 years old! I still remember it though!

TokyoMagic! said...

I've been forgetting to thank you, Andrew, for adding my blog to your "Blog List." Thank you!!!

Chuck said...

Um, Andrew, I think you're confusing feet with inches...or possibly centimeters. It's a common mistake. Just ask NASA.

Andrew said...

That's why the first space shuttle turned out the size of a toy. D'oh!

Andrew said...

You're welcome! Hopefully it will attract some people to your site.

This "Little Dipper" model of coaster has been installed in probably nearly a hundred parks across the country.

Many kiddie Ferris Wheels have enclosed cars, but it's very hard to find one with those type of cars on a scale this big.

Andrew said...

I didn't even notice!

Andrew said...

I really like the sound of cable-drive wheels. I've been on a Rock-O-Plane that was cable-driven, as well.