Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Whacky Trip! Pt. 3

The wackiness continues today at Waldameer's Whacky Shack. Shacko Whacko. Whacko Shacko.
After the the barrel, in the ceiling are these two displays. Both were made in house, not by Bill Tracy. The door came from a old residence that once stood in the park, and the ghoul has a fan to blow him around.
Our car once again starts to go uphill, this time through the "rat attic."
Joe Ghoul pops up at left! It is not known if this is a Tracy stunt. Compressed air that lifts this figure is blown upon the riders from a tube in the ceiling.
Immediately following the Ghoul, we have a trio of green-legged spiders that rock back and forth, with skulls for heads!. This is a classic Tracy creation!
We round a little corner and see this friendly(?) fellow.
After a startling horn, the car makes a dip onto a second-level balcony. This dip was once much bigger, but it had to be toned down due to stress on the cars.
We'll cover the second half of the ride tomorrow!

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