Thursday, June 27, 2019

Flat Ride Feature: Scrambler

This is the first Flat Ride Feature that will be part of a series where I put a new ride's "spotlight" out every day for a week. Enjoy!
Like the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Scrambler is another extremely well-known amusement park flat ride that can be found in hundreds of locations across the globe. Sometimes going under the name "Sizzler" or "Merry Mixer," the ride is a ever-popular favorite.
Ride History
The Scrambler was invented in 1938 by Richard Harris in Georgia. Shortly thereafter, the patent for the ride was acquired by the Eli Bridge Company (a very famous manufacturer of Ferris Wheels) who has owned it ever since. New models are still manufactured today! There's even a kiddie version.
Image result for kiddie scrambler
Tell me this isn't cute! Credit - Intermark Ride Group

Ride Experience
Riders board a small tub-like ride vehicle. They then spin in one direction, in groups of four tubs, while the entire ride rotates, as well. This creates a very disorienting, but fun and memorable effect. This makes the sensation that the car is going to hit the perimeter fence; it will usually "stall" for a second at the outer edge many times during a ride.

Knoebels' Merry Mixer

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