Friday, June 14, 2019

Comparisons on the Hug-N-Song Scene (Mister Rogers Part 6)

This is part six of a 7-part series on Idlewild Park's former Mister Rogers' Neighborhood attraction. Read the other parts of my series on the ride here: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4Part 5; and Part 7


Arriving at the climax of the ride, the Hug-N-Song scene is barely recognizable. The landscaping has been significantly trimmed down, and the walls have been repainted with singular colors. (a downgrade in my opinion) Also, the lopsided nature of the background wall is now more noticeable - originally, this was for the mechanism for Lady Elaine rising up - due to its gray color. And of course, there are all-new cutout figures.
 Here's a fun fact for ya; the mounts for the King Friday and Queen Sara still remain on the floor of the scene. Take a look!
The red box indicates the floor mounts, and the red circle shows where the power outputs were for the figures.
I hope you've enjoyed this photo "trip" on this beloved old ride! Now, you need to decide for yourself: which ride was superior? I hope that these posts gave you ample evidence to decide. But... we're not done yet! One more "bonus" post on this ride will be coming your way tomorrow!

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